You're a good therapist. You know it. We know it.

Problem is: Your business doesn't care if you're a good therapist.

If you're in private practice, you need to be a good therapist AND good at marketing yourself.

This free 8-day email course will arm you with 8 unique & unconventional ways to grow and market your private practice. And these are tips you can implement TODAY.

8 Unconventional Ways 

to Market Your Private Practice

Hosting a MeetUp group helps get your name in front of potential clients BEFORE they need your services.

MeetUp Groups

Day 1

Learn how to grow & market your private practice in ways you never thought of.

Yes! It's Okay!
Well, provided you do it the right way (and in a manner to help market your practice).

Discuss Your Cases

Day 2

What is the best referral source from successful therapists we've interviewed? Find out here!

Unexpected Referral Sources

Day 3
This one comes out of left field, doesn't it? 
But working part-time, if done correctly, IS a marketing strategy.

Go Part-Time

Day 4
Hands-down the #1 most important reason successful therapists are successful.

Choose a Niche

Day 5
Blogging is the natural first place people consider.
But there are just as good, if not BETTER, places you can write and gain massive exposure for your practice.

Write, Write, Write!

Day 6
Day 7

Speak! Speak! Speak!

Speaking instantly gets your name in front of dozens to hundreds of people at once. 
On Day 7, we show you our favorite places to get started with public speaking.

What’s Inside

Course Author

Director of Customer Happiness
Brighter Vision

Sam Chlebowski

Sam speaks with hundreds of therapists every month, learning about their private practices and what has and hasn't worked in growing their businesses.
In this exclusive email course, Sam shares the lessons he's learned through his conversations to help you grow your practice quickly and effectively.
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Day 8

Super Secret Surprise!

We can't just give you EVERYTHING here, right? Surprises are fun, so we're keeping this one secret until the last day :)

8 Unconventional Ways to Market Your Private Practice