You're a good therapist. You know it. We know it.

Problem is: Your business doesn't care if you're a good therapist.

If you're in private practice, you need to be a good therapist AND good at marketing yourself online.

This free 5-day email course will arm you with 5 ways you can start generating more clients through your website. And these are tips you can implement TODAY.

5 Little Known Ways

to Get More Clients from Your Website


You need to be abundantly clear to your website visitors about what the purpose of your website is: to get them to contact you.

Be Obvious

Day 1

Start Getting More Clients Through Your Website. Today.

Writing a blog gives your website more points of entry for potential new clients and shows them how your expertise can help them or add value to their lives.

Start a Blog

Day 2

Are you telling your visitors *where* to go & *what* you want them to do?

Adding Calls to Action

Day 3
Your visitors want to know that you understand who they are; don't bore them with 'I' and 'My' statements.

Add More 'You' Language

Day 4
Did you know that your email signature is a valuable way to help increase your number of clients?

Email Real Estate

Day 5

What’s Inside

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Sam speaks with hundreds of therapists every month, learning about their private practices and what has and hasn't worked in growing their businesses.
In this exclusive email course, Sam shares the lessons he's learned through his conversations to help you grow your practice quickly and effectively.
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